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RitA and Vytiauts - a new couple in the server who are misusing power, swearing and abusing players

Server ip:

RitA and Vytiauts issue:

They are a couple and they first shown up in January in our beloved server. RitA started to swearing with our admin VATS, because he was killing her constantly, that he is nothing without his VIP and he need extra power for killing them. So they bought together VIP and since that they are coming every night - they are threatening people to be kicked out, even they kicked out a few players, they are slaying people if they don't like how they are playing. Last night they abused another VIP member too (Lluki) just because he was better than them. VATS asked them kindly many times to stop to misusing their power, but they denied everything. But at least when Vats is there, they are not doing anything. But when he isn't there, they are creating bad atmoshpere in the server and they have many little fights with the players because they are swearing with whoever they don't like. (Mostly with players who are really good and killing them constantly.) We want the server back to normal - only with Vips and Admins who are truly deserves it. They shouldn't have any power in our server. Please take action on it! Everytime they come there is a bad vibe in the server.

These are just little things from last night. I have more, literally from every night, even I have demo and pictures of their abusive behaviour. Please remove their vips or at least put them into silver vip so they don't have power over the players. As Vytiauts said: "I feel like a teacher in school." - Well, we don't want a teacher like him!!!!!! Help us! Thank you!

ADMIN Vytiauts: slay Ludnica JB2
CoaPro killed R3! with mp5navy

*DEAD* Vytiauts :  lluki noob VIP 😀
RitA :   😀

RitA :  Luki esi asilasyvaryk is cia
*DEAD* LluKi :   /off
LluKi :  tu asilas esi
Vytiauts :  :DDDD
RitA :  asile tada 😀
*** Feregor killed prazer[KZ] Anti divulgacao with a headshot from mp5navy ***
RitA :  mama dave ant VIPO?
Vytiauts :  😀
LluKi :  menn
[INFO] ADMIN Kaina tik 3eurai/Menesiui noredamas uzsisakyti rasyk /vip
LluKi :  i buy myself so shut p
Vytiauts :  what a millionare
LluKi :  sure a
LluKi :  am
RitA :  geriau rasyk lietuviskai, nes angliskai nelabai moki 🙁
Vytiauts :  uuuj

Vytiauts :   nu kurwa FEREGOR what a fuck bled
*DEAD* RitA :  :DDD

Vytiauts :   kurwa play you noobs and watch the FLAGGG!!!!

And many many more... Like "kurwa (bitch), fucking pussy, fucking animals, fucking campers, cocksuckers, go and fuck yourself." etc... 🙂

The same thing every single day... They are coming together, abusing players, abusing vips, changing maps without voting, without asking. They act like they own the server. Today many players get pissed off of their behaviour and we don't understand why can they still have power and no one doing anything about it. They knows that we can't kick or ban them and they are using this... They are ruining the server. We are playing here for years - they came 2 months ago and ruining everything. Is it okay?

LluKi :  what?
*DEAD* Lucy :  and basically everyday 😀
VATS :  they talk shit to u ?
Vytiauts :  Ban me idiot
Vytiauts :  😀

LluKi :   Rita want report
LluKi :   cant just change map
BDS killed LluKi with m3
Lucy :  yeah
LluKi :  u must do vote
RitA killed Zmaj od Radana with mp5navy
Lucy :  she dont care
Lucy :  she just acting like its her server
Vytiauts killed DDS with mp5navy
SYRIA ABO ELIAS 010 :  why this map??
SYRIA ABO ELIAS 010 :  vote
SYRIA ABO ELIAS 010 :  rita
Feregor killed LluKi with mp5navy
VATS :  bcz they can good score here thats why simple
Feregor :  yeah we should vote