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Omonas is one of oldest counter-strike 1.6 games servers alive.

These days gaming server keeps closing in week or two, its rare to see good counter strike servers. However there is Omonas counter strike games servers, which have stable online and are maximum uptime for over 11 years comfort. Feel free to join us now!

1. Pick Omonas Server

OMONAS have most stable servers, uptime is upto 24/7. Many gametypes of the game to choose.

You just need pick server from Servers List and copy server IP address and paste it in game.

2. Download & Play

Download Counter-Strike 1.6 Game client. Install the game and you ready to fight! Enjoy playing in our servers!

About Counter Strike

Counter-Strike game 1.6 version was released in 2003. CS 1.6 is first person shooter genre game with multi-player and single-player features. CounterStrike 1.6 game server’s have a lot of modification’s as in our servers: Classic CSDM DeathRun GunGame Hide&Seek JailBreak Surf Warcraft3 Zombie and many other’s.

CS 1,6 has always been the best FPS type game, it has been regularly improved and developed – from a variety of bug fixes, slowhack fix and other modifications. In overall game is very successful, milions of people playing it.

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Counter-Strike 1.6 Features

  • Variuos game modes: Assassination, Hostage Rescue, Bomb Defusal, Escape
  • Omonas servers game modes: Classic, Fun, AdminFree, 4fun, Public, Best Server, Amxmodmenu, Admin, Surf, Team, Zombie, Dm, Steam, Competitive, Vip, Arena and more
  • Many of guns to choose: Machine Guns, Sniper Rifles, SMG, Shotguns, Pistols, Knifes
  • Amazing multiplayer action
  • Choose between 25 official maps and thousand custom made maps
  • And much more waits you in game…