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Kicked :"You have no entry to the server..."

Hi! I've been playing on OMONAS servers since some months. Sometime I bought silver VIP for one month. Everything was OK, but when I bought another 1 month silver VIP to my current VIP status, which isn't expired yet, after that day this error message showed up immediately when I tried to join the server. The console also says I have incorrect password, but that's not possible, because I haven't changed it in the console neither in the config.cfg file. I still have the right password which I wrote in the SMS when I bought the VIP access and this error still happens. Can you guys/admins help me? Thank you in advance!

What nick you use?
It might be for your nick that you used for this new Silver VIP, Because this also happens to me, Omonas servers Might take your nick as bad nick, I bought a VIP with different nick, and it's not accept The Password, you need to ask the owner, Or Owner have been changing your Password for some reasons.

My ingame nick is LoyalShadow (the same I use here in forum). I ordered the VIP with the same parameters. I didn't change anything here neither. Nick and password are definitely remained the same. I googled this error and I suspect (based on a search) that, it is a server sided issue. Maybe I have to ask for disabling all the plugins and then to retry enabling them one by one to see which one is causing my issue. Well, how can I contact OMONAS?

Form Mail : Irmantas.Jarosas@gmail.com
Skype ID : Omonas

Owner changed you password ofc
because more than 20 players have used your vip on few servers of omonas

Thanks... I'm sure next time I'll choose to get it onto my IP address.