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Admin L.T

Dead Omonas,
I play in you servers since 2011. I love your servers and I think it's the best in the world!
Unfortunately, for some months now, there is a garbage that spoils and muds the good name of the server, his name is L.T.

It's useless to tell you all the crap and offenses that he do, he believes God, when instead he is only a retarded kid motherfucker.
As you can see from the forum (or just get in the game) we are all fed up and angry.
If we are telling you this (I speak for everyone) it's because we believe in Omonas Servers and we would like to come back to play as we have done for years.
Sorry to see veterans players go away and admins no longer purchased because of this fucking individual.
Just this.
We hope that our words will be heard.

Best Regards
All Omonas's Players

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