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Admin Hybrid Teory


For first, why u speak when u don't know me ? 😉 for second basta has sayed to no ban him if he use the first thing on vip menu, and i don't cry if u use ur fucking hacks 😀 .. i will show u, i can play and without vipmenu, and , Yes u are right, i need finish the school im 15 y 😉 and u are strong with ur keyboard .. i will see u in real Life.

Basta was kicked/slayed not because just usage of 1 option, but because he aimed me and ran at me trying to backstab me, even after 3-4 warnings. He also abused 1 option by climbing on a wall where no one can reach him till he get 100 hp. I know you clearly, cause you are a typical profile of an angry child. Want to see me? You're welcome. How much time do you need? 😀

I think Hybrid Theory Isnt noob. Becouse He is Just following Rules . and if he use cfg Im sure u are using it too. So Stop Fight. Hybrid Wouldn't Ban Anyone for no reason. well i dont know him but im sure he isnt Bad Person ...