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I did posted snapshot WANT UNBAN!

And banned AGAIN.. I guess thousand times already but here is an address of my screenshot: https://www.google.com/search?tbs=sbi:AMhZZisLGJvHBqP2TYc--Kh2QBG3xDEQNuGjMckF9fpmDk3TxAPGfeaBeR9Lpv4W0pLUmWSszfae4xXnF_1vr9afVSoYjitzyAcciEwD8y7ajzLhOJk4hFgwrNHsxfXsC2C1njvEhY0yHQ3qF-M49hqnjEDqf9CkDSR4CNWz3wfphHilbzxXw7kJgW1KwHxwGkVyX9ugtFIumlJSznponIeiR5znumST7BSsvFE3gHvxF9JiecstPFuqaO6AL2ELgETfvYBONw0JFa95o1rzQKayYqI1zNmVNOGZJvJMndpUOALfLR55BN6QniwEGzovxRlh9vQAJT6OrKf4tu5iFJHucNwdLKvvfSQ&hl=en-RS
I HOPE YOU ARE NOW HORNY AS FCK AND YOU GET YOUR SKILLS IMPROVEN BECAUSE YOU ARE USING MORALE OF GOOD PLAYERS I PAYED TO GET UNBANNED SENT 3 MESSAGES AND STILL IM BANNED I GUESS IT'S ROOTEN SYSTEM U GOT THERE.. Best wishes and much more brain cells so you can play Counter strike and don't die by sitting near your keyboard and trying to figure out how did I give you headshot once more!