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Can you remove his shitty vip plz he baned me for reason cheating when i didnt i jsut sweared remove his vip cause he is the biggest free baner guy i ever seen TNT*NmN : by steam id

TNT*NmN : ,D

TNT*NmN : :D:D

bouziane : Dont !!

karderri : rip gay

TNT*NmN : :D:D:D


karderri : tnt nmn m

Abu : haha

TNT*NmN : hhhh

karderri : tnt nmn mujsh me ma hanger akrin lirisht ropt ti qi ren

Abu : come

TNT*NmN : fuck off:D

karderri : ti fuck nanen

Abu : who whant knife

[INFO] ADMIN Kaina tik 3 eurai Menesiui noredamas uzsisakyti rasyk /vip
TNT*NmN killed Abu with knife
TNT*NmN : 😀

master ayoub : hhhh

karderri : jebach

*** TNT*NmN killed Mr.King with a headshot from knife ***
Abu : /revive

Abu dropped
[ Base Builder ] The teams have been swapped
TNT*NmN : hh

[ Base Builder ] Your color has been randomly chosen as: Lemon Yellow
*** You have 337 credits. Say "/unlock" or "/upgrade" to buy something ***
---[ Base Builder 6.5 ]---
To move objects and build, look at something and click E
[INFO]TNT*NmN : oaky go report me fucker hahaha

Lucifer : lol

TNT*NmN : 😀

Lucifer : stupid noob

[INFO] Our WEB,Forum,Info etc. http://www.omonas.com
] name x[T]he^FuRy^
* Privileges set
GaPpYSpeH : hh

Lucifer : master ropt t qi

GaPpYSpeH : really speed xD

Night Wolfs ~ GrAFoOO dropped
TNT*NmN : Lucifer bitch

Lucifer : ti qi ropt

* Lucifer changed name to x[T]he^FuRy^

maher( killer ) $$$ killed TNT*NmN with knife
TNT*NmN : bitch

x[T]he^FuRy^ : ugly gay

TNT*NmN : kk fucker

x[T]he^FuRy^ : kk ti qi ropt me rraj t familjes farefisin

TNT*NmN : faker

master ayoub : lol 😀

TNT*NmN : 😀

TNT*NmN : master:D

x[T]he^FuRy^ : faker fuck you mom in roots

maher( killer ) $$$ killed x[T]he^FuRy^ with knife
TNT*NmN : you knwo what i gonna do?

x[T]he^FuRy^ : ba
x[T]he^FuRy^ : ban

GaPpYSpeH : good grammmar fury

TNT*NmN : no

*** master ayoub killed JebachUros with a headshot from knife ***
x[T]he^FuRy^ : i dont knwo

[INFO] ADMIN Kaina tik 3 eurai Menesiui noredamas uzsisakyti rasyk /vip
*DEAD*(Terrorist) x[T]he^FuRy^ : ajajajaj

*** You have 337 credits. Say "/unlock" or "/upgrade" to buy something ***
x[T]he^FuRy^ : knwo

TNT*NmN : suck my dick fury

x[T]he^FuRy^ : i write fast thats cause i make mistakes

TNT*NmN : who ever you are

master ayoub : yeah Danger kidd

x[T]he^FuRy^ : not danger

x[T]he^FuRy^ : ahh

master ayoub : bastard

x[T]he^FuRy^ : p ja majsh anen

GaPpYSpeH : 🙂

TNT*NmN : fury fuck you

x[T]he^FuRy^ : tash po shihet

x[T]he^FuRy^ : aaahha

master ayoub : lol noob

[AMXBANS] ===============================================
[AMXBANS] Banned by admin TNT*NmN
[AMXBANS] You can complain regarding your ban @ http://www.omonas.com
[AMXBANS] Reason: 'Cheating'
[AMXBANS] Length: '1 day'
[AMXBANS] Your SteamID: 'STEAM_0:0:729642628'
[AMXBANS] Your IP: ''

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