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Report on admin DaRk KilLer Law

Hello, im reporting admin DaRk KilLer Law. On the server Base Builder.
He reconnected all the rounds. He insults me and my family. He's building a base with no entrance.
He blocks someone and then kills them. He breaks base.He is building the second entry on air base.

I have two demo:

[AMXBANS] ===============================================
[AMXBANS] Banned by admin DaRk KilLer Law
[AMXBANS] You can complain regarding your ban @ http://www.omonas.com
[AMXBANS] Reason: 'fuck your famyly swer me all time '
[AMXBANS] Length: '16 hours and 40 minutes'
[AMXBANS] Your SteamID: 'STEAM_0:1:50055752'
[AMXBANS] Your IP: ''
[AMXBANS] ===============================================

Punish him. Good bye