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Omonas servers is dying..

I request and expect another update from irmantas for his servers , i have never seen omonas’s servers that empty in my whole 2 years in cs , i played cs 1.6 and started playing at omonas , it was really fun but nowadays i can see why so many left omonas community , its because nothing is new bassically and no new maps , specially and specifically in Deathrun , Knife mod .. please omonas if u see this , i hope you update deathrun and knife mod and remove that 101 Fps max thing in deathrun .. i have a suggestion for increasing players , Irmantas this sugsestion is very strong and it might help you and your servers , if u can download how much hours players have played in your server Command or info plugin , so I think u should put everyone a bronze vip if they play on your servers and if they play more than 50 hours for example in your servers give them a silver vip , and so on..
i really tried to help you to increase your servers for more players by boosting , but the prblem is that i dont have a paypal account to boost and my country which is egypt is not included with the other countries that can do sms boost , so if any player is reading this and is interested in boosting and making omonas better with increasing players in the server click this link https://www.gametracker.rs/server_info/ if u wanna boost the server ( deathrun omonas ) *Sms boost* , and click on this one https://www.gametracker.rs/server_info/ to boost knife mod *sms boost* , reply to this topic for me if u did a boost , and i hope omonas does something about that and respond and reply to me as soon as possible.
PS : Like this topic if u guys agree with me
, Thanks !