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Name auto-changing

I joined zombies server a week ago and after downloading resource it said failed to connect
Since then whenever i join server or whenever new round starts my name automatically changes to "Nereklamuok!"
I even reinstalled game and it won't stop, i don't know why this happens and i don't know how to fix. I couldn't find anything on google

Ok and now i have been banned for literally no reason
I went to spectator because i had to do something then when i came back i was banned https://i.imgur.com/T80MQ0I.png
Not only did i not swear, i literally did not say anything at all, but he did say before that if i didn't only use knife he would ban me so i guess that's 2 cases of admin abuse in one
pretty sure even if i was "swering" which i wasn't, that isn't against the rules