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Mf.rLz * members banning once again

||| You are banned
||| Nick: Sienestäjä
||| IP:
||| SteamID: STEAM_0:1:16234056
||| By admin: Mf.rLz * nekenciu cs
||| Reason: aim
||| Ban created: 02.03.2020 - 19:42:33
||| For length: Permanent
||| On: This Server BY OMONAS !!! http://www.omonas.com (de_train)
||| Time left: Forever
||| Will expire: Never

For the fuckteenth time these jokers are giving bans for "aim" or "wh" or whatever the fuck they want after they get killed. And no there is no demo since none is found on the cs folders, and for some fucking reasons people giving bans are not required to demo themselves. Why these Mf.rLz * cunts are --still-- allowed to abuse admin rights is beyond me.

Only thing I can supply you with is some old pics from another Mf.rLz fuckface that has banned me for nothing countless times. https://imgur.com/a/nPNLns0