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In Omonas there are bots more than players

Hi I'm Luffy and today I'm going to speak few words about this problem , In almost all the server i see many bots mostly in Basebuilder , I even have a demo of many bots in Basebuilder here is the demo for it :-
If you notice the server gets full of bots because of that normal players cannot connect but in other hand players don't play in Omonas . So it is my request to " BOOST " servers like Deathmatch , Basebuilder , Deathrun.
If you want to watch My videos you can watch it on Youtube here is the link to it :-

In the end all i and others want is a good , clean and full player server where bots are not in the player slot and hackers like speed hacker , wall hacker , aimbot and etc gets autobanned
And give review on this topic who are reading it right now.
Thanks for giving me Your precious time
Your Faithful
Luffy D.Uzumaki