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Hunter_007 abusing admin access!

Greetings, OMONAS-community.

I've recently began my journey within the community of OMONAS and I'm really enjoying the CS:GO mod so far. But let's cut to the deal.

Basically, I've been playing for almost half month with two different nicknames. I created the first one just to test everything out - I'll like it or not. And eventually started playing with nickname "NE GORDIY 228".

What happened is next - Me and Hunter_007 were never really friendly. First time I noticed him was when he abused his rights and slapped me a load of times after I killed him. His comment was "MOVE". Absolutely random.

But today... We were playing as usually and he suddenly wrote in the chat "AIM OFF GORDIY". I told him to shut up and then he banned me for 7 hours. Afterwards, another admin explained him that he did that wrongfully and I didn't have an aim. He realized that, but it was too late - I already paid 0.71 EUR to get my IP unbanned, because I was super mad and wanted to explain myself as fast as possible.

Once I got back In-Game, I told him that he banned me wrongfully and since I was super pissed, I called him some names. What he did was just stupid - he began flaming me, calling me names and "BOT" each time he killed me. Basically, I'm not mad about him flaming me. I'm simply just confused about the fact that somebody like Hunter_007 was allowed to have admin access and ban or slap people whenever he felt like.

Since I'm a part of the OMONAS community and even lost money, because of his mistakes and horrible attitude towards the player base - I believe that it would be right if he got punished. People like Hunter_007 seriously scare people away from this community in disgust.

After I told him that I'll report him and get his ACC revoked, he said: "I don't care, my admin access is ending in 1 day anyways." In my opinion, that's very disrespectful towards the Staff Team that provided him with the admin access and allowance to ban or slap people whenever his tiny brain decides to.

Sincerely yours,

Thanks for joining omonas , glad to see u here with us , im PogDab .. player since 2017 here in omonas and Cs , i understand what happened with you and i'd like to see a screenshot or a demo video of what exactly happened , thanks.

Honesly lot's of drama, 1st of all welcome, and 2nd tell me on what server are you played ­čÖé