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eena banned

[AMXBANS] ===============================================
[AMXBANS] Banned by admin miss_Winchester_
[AMXBANS] You can complain regarding your ban @ http://www.omonas.com
[AMXBANS] Reason: 'WH'
[AMXBANS] Length: '10 minutes'
[AMXBANS] Your SteamID: 'STEAM_1:0:2038374689'
[AMXBANS] Your IP: ''
[AMXBANS] =======================================

https://files.fm/u/4m5kayk5?ak=77d65 here is demo

wtf girl, u spec me every day, when im playing, and cant find out, im cheating or not? and just banned for 10minutes to ask demo?! haha, ok , i forgave u, coz u r a girl )